The SBC Monthly Events

These are low entry cost events at only £8.00 per time that can be bowled at anytime on 1 or 2 lanes subject to lane availability.

There is a different format every month and bowlers earn merit points to be entered into the final held at Go Bowling in July

These mini events can be used as cheap practice with a chance of winning a little bit of money


September sweeper / Oktoberfest / November Fireworks / December Xmas Cracker / January Juggernaut / February 40 / March Madness / April 8’s / May Mixer

The Resdev Senior Tour

23rd April 2017

This tournament is open to all senior bowlers

Entries to

Tournament Manager – Jack Smith

Yorkshire area Pot luck

Combination Trios

6th & 7th May 2017

This Tournament is open to all BTBA members of the Yorkshire area

Entries to /

Tournament Manager – Lee Metcalfe